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I’m willing Just ask away 




    Iโ€™m willing Just ask awayย 

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  3. Breakfast for Lunch at #OKCafe (at Ok Cafe)

    Breakfast for Lunch at #OKCafe (at Ok Cafe)

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  4. A much better view for Cameron at the #DragonCon #Parade

    A much better view for Cameron at the #DragonCon #Parade

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  5. Waiting for the #DragonCon #Parade to start…

    Waiting for the #DragonCon #Parade to start…

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  6. takesabeating said: How the hell do you post your tumblr "crushes?"

    There is a browser extension for Chrome called XKit. ย Once you load that, go to your “Following ### Blogs” on the right side of the Tumblr web page and you will see your crushes and have the option to post them.

    Well at least that is how I do it! lol

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  9. My Tumblr Crushes:ruletheworldinfiveeasystepsazgunguybeautifulwick3dnesslittle-angry-girlsnownessprettypinkpizzatakesabeatingmessyjessiesplaygroundmylifeinthirds

    My Tumblr Crushes:
    1. ruletheworldinfiveeasysteps
    2. azgunguy
    3. beautifulwick3dness
    4. little-angry-girl
    5. snowness
    6. prettypinkpizza
    7. takesabeating
    8. messyjessiesplayground
    9. mylifeinthirds

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  10. Happy #Friday! (at Rosa’s Pizza)

    Happy #Friday! (at Rosa’s Pizza)

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  11. Much needed #haircut!  (at Sport Clips Roswell Corners)

    Much needed #haircut! (at Sport Clips Roswell Corners)

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  12. 5 things I like about me


    Okay here goesโ€ฆ.

    1. Iโ€™m loyal
    2. I won a โ€œmost beautiful eyesโ€ contest in college
    3. I look damn good for my age and what Iโ€™ve been through
    4. Iโ€™m going back to college to finish prerequisites for Physician Assistant
    5. I think I do pretty well as a dad

    Thanks flight-freedom

    Now itโ€™s your turn:


    5 Things I Like About Myself

    1. Being a Dad
    2. I like to please others.
    3. My mostly positive attitude.
    4. My aptitude for Technology.
    5. My passion for Photography.

    Not tagging anyone but feel free to post what you like.

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  13. Started chatting with her on OK Cupid this morning….

    Started chatting with her on OK Cupid this morning….

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